Friday, August 11, 2017

Friend Time

Sometimes life throws curve balls, and God does some work that only He can do.  He separates people.  He brings people together.  He reunites people.  He changes perspectives.  

We've certainly enjoyed having our friends back in the "area" (lower Michigan), so we can hang out again.  It doesn't happen as much as we'd like, but it's better than nothing.  We are thankful for so many friends to live life with, even if it means we don't live day to day with them, but only in encouraging talks once a month or once every couple months.   

Josiah and his buddy, Quin

 We meet them at Pokagon as it seems to be a good meeting point.  This day we checked out the new bee observatory hive.  We found the queen and Josiah explained what each bee was doing, what they were called, and about the different cells.  This boy sure knows his bee stuff!

 There is always football involved in our get togethers.

 The girls and their friend, Gabi. 
We swapped kids for a couple nights, so we got Gabi and sent Josiah with Quin.  The girls had an absolute ball watching old musicals and riding the 4 wheeler.

 Diella stopped so Gabi would get wet in the sprinkler.

 Diella getting smacked for it.  :)

So much laughter.

Checking another thing off the list.  Get togethers with friends were at the top of our list.  Haven't accomplished all the friends, but I think they are all scheduled at least.  We got a room painted, garden harvest done, visits to parks, sleep overs, and some water fun.  More to come....

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Family on the Farm

This month was a pretty empty month when it first started.  With school just around the corner, we are trying to squeeze in everything that we've wanted to do all summer that we've just been too busy for.  We've gone kayaking, played family football with friends, got together with special friends, had sleepovers, and campfires.  We shared a campfire with family this day and always enjoy when they can come to the farm.  

Alyssa and her children don't get to the farm too often, but when they do, the children soak it all up.  We put Kyle to work helping pick up rocks out of the field, but they mostly just enjoy the animals and all the space to play.

Uncle Jonny sure is good for these children.  He treats them like his own, and they love him for it!  For supper we grilled chicken over the fire, so before they left we had to make some smores.

Saphira and Mallorie are good friends.

Some very serious roasting going on here.  Extreme concentration to get it just perfect!  :D

The summer is flying by, and for some school has already started.  We are thankful to be on a different schedule enjoying time together enjoying the warm weather still.  We are also glad when we can be hospitable to friends and family.  It's what we love most, to share time and life with those we love.  More memories to be had this summer.  We're checking things off our list and having fun doing it!  I hope you all are still soaking up some warm, enjoying the outside, and working in the fresh air.  It keeps the body alive and makes one feel full of life.