Friday, October 24, 2008

Dance to Him

The children and I love to dance in worship to God. The other night I was busy cleaning up from putting away all the camping stuff and was doing some dishes while listening to music. The song, God With Us came on, and we just had to dance. It is such an uplifting song that reminds us that He really is with us, taking care of us, providing our every needs, and teaching us His ways. Joy fills my heart when I watch my little girls dance. Alegra is more coordinated with it than Diella, but none the less, it is beautiful to see them worshiping in such a way. Next time you feel like dancing when listening to a song that fills your heart with joy, dance! The scriptures talk about it, so why don't we do it these days. It's because it's not the norm and people will look at us. At our church, we have learned to put those feelings aside and just dance if the Spirit is leading us to do so. It's usually done in a circle in the back and the little girls usually join us which is such a blessing to see. So, my encouragement for the day unto Him. It would bring Him joy and glory!


Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Beautiful blog. Thank you for visiting mine and for your encouragement.