Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Doctor Fun

With the crazy cold temperatures we have been having, we have been trying to think of fun inside things to do. Last week, after school lessons were done, the children set up their hospital in the living room. Well, first it started out as a horse racing track. Josiah sat on one arm of the couch with blankets as his sadle and Diella sat on the other end. The gun would shoot (their own sound effects) and off they would ride. Nobody got very far, but they had fun. Then Josiah's arm of the couch turned into a hospital bed. When Alegra finished her work, I decided to make an official bed and hospital area for them.

Here, Diella is bandaging his arm. Not sure what he did, but he had a very sore arm. :)
Nurse Diella and Doctor Alegra were very thorough in their checking and care. Alegra had her notebook of questions and gave orders to the nurse who did what she was told. The sick and injured boy just took all the attention he could get from his sisters.
"He feels so hot, we have to do something quick!" and he sure played the part well, looking sicker than ever. What fun they have when everyone cooperates with the game.

Today turned into a beautiful, sunny day. I may bundle everybody up after awhile to help me take trash out and gather up some wood. Tomorrow is Alegra's science class at the Amigo Centre in Sturgis, so we all look forward to that. And the midwife comes in the afternoon for a baby check up. It's always good to hear the heart beat and know that things are progressing right along. I am beginning to make my giant list of spring cleaning that I really want done before the baby comes. I just think it would feel so good to have cleaning and some fresh painting in the house done before the arrival of a new life. We await the arrival and the warmer weather that those days will bring.


thebrosfam said...

That is just tooooo Cute! The pictures captured everything so well.. Josiah was quite the actor.
How fun!
Don't you wish they played like that everyday!! =-)

Naomi said...

I agree, everyone has soooo much more fun when everyone listens to the boss! Of course, that role goes to the oldest, right? Great pictures and fun memories!!!

Debra said...

This is too cute of a post!

Was just stopping by to say thank you for entering my first giveaway....I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks for the valentine's idea too - I loved reading all the entries

Hope you'll visit again!