Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Baby Is Born...Not Mine Though!

Last night was such a great night...getting to be a part of the birth of a beautiful baby girl. I had no intentions of being that much a part, but after being there, it sure makes me ready to see what our little one is going to look like and how the whole process is going to go. Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to have a water birth. Well...I don't know. My friend had her first water birth and my biggest question which I asked her shorty after it was all over with was, "Is the water still warm?". With choosing to have a home birth this time around, leaves for so many more options of laboring other than the typical lay in bed and wait for it all to happen. I am one who likes to walk outside for a lot of the labor. With this baby being due in May, we could have some beautiful weather to take a good walk in, and I am considering laboring outside. It seems the most natural place for me who loves nature and hearing the birds sing and feeling the cool breeze. Last night, there were cool breezes, but no birds singing....only dogs barking. So, as people ask me how my birthing experience is going to go, well I just don't know. I guess we will wait and see when the time comes.

For now though, I am super blessed by last nights experience, and so thankful that I could be a part! There are not too many births where the soon-to-be dad is praying and thanking the Father for the baby who will be soon joining them. Blessing the One who gave them this life in the first place even before she was born. What a sweet picture of giving back to the One who gave to them. And what a sweet time after the birth of pure celebration of this machines, no gadgets, no interferrences of what should really take place after every baby is born...worship, praise, and sweet adoration for new life!

Can't wait til it's our turn!