Sunday, October 31, 2010

A date with my boy!

Last week, Josiah said to me, "When can I take you on a mommy/son date? I think I have enough money now." So, we decided that after Jonathon got home, we would head out to the corn maze in Sturgis. He had a certificate for Subway, and that's where he wanted to take me to eat. As the corn maze was on our way to town, we stopped there first, thinking it wouldn't take long, and then we could go get lunch. We started the maze and had no idea how big or how long it would take.
With a paper about the Wild West and a pencil in hand, we set out to find our clues, stamps, and learn about the great west.

Our first stop filling out the paper we got. Corn stalks made for good camera stands but made them a little tipped. : )

Off we go, for a long walk!

There was even a bridge in the maze, which is where the camera was for this one. One of the corn cops took our picture. I was hoping for one from where he was standing, which was up pretty high, but he zoomed in on us. It turned out good anyways!

Because of the sun shining so brightly, we followed our shadows, or they followed us, most of the time. So, we decided we would strike a poes, with our flag (in case we got lost in the maze) raised high.

The map of the maze. It was amazing!

We got to this spot, almost the end (after needing help from the corn cops just once), and I could see the flag blowing in the wind. Yes, we made it!

When we went into the maze, two high school boys and a man were coming out, and one of the boys yelled, "We made it out!!!!!" So, when we got to the end, Josiah said, "Do you think we should yell that we made it out?" I chuckled, and we walked hand in hand to the tent to return our flag and pencil.

So, after walking (sometimes in circles) for 2 hours, we finally made it out. Boy, were we glad since we were both quite hungry. Got back to the van and then went to have some Subway. He even bought my sub. With a little money left over, he thought that he had to give way too much of his money to pay for things. Haha, life lessons learned as he takes his mom on a date. I pray that little boy grows up to become a respectful young man who follows the Lord and some day treats a special lady as great as he treated his momma on this beautiful day!


midwife said...

very sweet...will be great memories...