Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Love of Books

Believe it or not, my children don't always get along (insert chuckle here). It seems that lately I have been capturing some really sweet moments between them. One tonight that a camera just couldn't relay clearly was Benaiah pitching this tiny little baseball to Josiah who was swinging with a book. Benaiah would stand with his legs bent a little, ready for the ball to be hit. It was so cute, and they both played so nice together. Rarely happens, but does some and is precious when I catch a glimpse. : )

Here the boys have fallen asleep on my bed. Benaiah has decided that he really likes to sleep with Josiah. Most nights he climbs up in bed with him, soon to be kicked out again.

Our children love books! The library is a priceless place that we visit weekly. I noticed Diella reading one of the library books with Benaiah sitting on the pile of books and listening to her. And the book he has in his hands, a tractor book that has become one of his favorites.

Now he is going to read a chapter book. Potty training is coming along quite nicely, but he hasn't mastered reading quite yet. : )

Alegra and Benaiah reading together. Until he noticed me with the camera.....

Must get the camera.....
With winter here and snow on the ground, we find ourselves reading more. We have enjoyed the snow too, but prefer just staying in by the fire. Work has been busy for Jonathon this winter. I am so blessed to have a husband and dad to my children that provides for us and works so hard. The Father has truly blessed us, and we are thankful!
No other new news. Alegra will be having a birthday next week-9! Doesn't seem real that she has been a part of our family for 9 years. Time doesn't stand still. Hopefully, I will have time to post one just on her for her birthday. It seems like we are busy, busy around here. I have some parties that I am planning for, the children's school lessons take a lot of time, regular house duties, and doing massages some keep me hopping. I love it all, but sure would like to find some time to get Benaiah's scrapbook going. He will be 2 in May and I have his birth story done, but that's it. I guess it is true that the more children one has, the less pictures they take or in my case the less scrapbooking gets done for them. One of these days....