Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Wheely fun Time

We are wanting to make a produce stand for this fall. Would have liked one for the summer, but it seems we didn't get our thoughts together soon enough. Got the animals before summer was over, but not a produce stand. That's okay. We are in planning mode for that now. And after finding a super good deal on a banner through Hip2Save we decided to get one made for our stand and stop dawdling with it. So, we have a super cute banner now that fits our family quite nicely I think, and now we are getting the parts around to put it together. Here are our first parts in action.....
Jonathon's mom had these two wheels at her house that were beside a cement slab, so after asking if we could use them, we brought them home as our first donation to our project. And as you can see they worked perfectly for some fun too. Jonathon had to do some engineering to make this work, but after some pipes here and a pipe there, he did it. And the children were not about to try it, so we had to demonstrate.

And I think we are getting too old for such games. Well, I didn't get hurt, but somebody thought "he" gave himself a hernia or something. : )

And everybody then had to try their hand at running the wheel. What fun and didn't cost us anything and hopefully the childre will have memories of that evening to tell their children. Think of the fun we'd miss out on if we were TV watchers. It's no wonder our nation is so obese. Children lose out on these old time fun and active memories as they are spending their time infront of a box. So sad. We do enjoy a movie here and there, but I believe people spend a majority of their time watching a box that doesn't give back to them in life. And think of how much money people spend on this entertainment. Okay, that's my soap box for now. : )

Get up, get out and have some good old fashioned fun. You'll feel more alive, with a wellspring of joy from your heart.