Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bible, Cereal and Rainbow

We always get our children their own Bible to follow along at church when they are of reading age.  Josiah has picked up reading so well and has been asking for a Bible, so we thought it was time to buy him one.  Oh the look of pure joy when he opened it up and saw what it was.  

 The blessing upon him if he just obeys what it says

 And then there is Benaiah.  He loves Raisin Bran.  And even more than that, he loves the raisins in Raisin Bran.  So what do I find him doing one day while I was busy in the kitchen?  Yep, dumping the cereal out of the bag and picking the raisins out of it.  If he weren't so cute, I'm sure I would have lost my mind by now.  : )

 And then there is Diella.  She got this crazy idea to dress her brother up in her sisters matching skirt.  Oh the giggles that this brought about.  Okay, it is pretty funny and I did join in on the laughter. 

And then there is Alegra. She loves the beauty of a colorful sky.  I just happened to look out the window to this lovely lit up sky, and we all went a running out the front door.  While we were taking pictures and admiring it's beauty, we heard some deer snorting at us.  Four mommas and one lone baby bouncing through the beans hoping the adults don't leave him/her behind were right behind us in the field.  There is just something about a peaceful and gorgeous display right before bed and being graced with nature close by.  Yahweh created such wonderful things for us to enjoy and our little family sure was enjoying some of them tonight.  Within an hour the colors changed to vibrant pinks and purples.  And what a lovely little homestead we have here.  We are blessed and are thankful every day for what we have been given!