Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fire, Fire, Fire!

Here at the Bovees, we try to keep our children familiar with what to do if there was a fire in our house, especially in the middle of the night.  We have a wood stove, so it seems that it would be best to make sure we are all prepared just in case something were to happen.  I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

This evening before dinner we had some fire drills.  I was doing some baking, and I told the children to lay in their beds until the timer on the oven went off.  That was there fire alarm signal.  Was best to use that than the real thing as we all know what it sounds like and, well, we'd rather not hear it if we don't really have to.  : )  Everybody cooperated except Benaiah of course, but once the timer went off he ran to their bedroom as they were rushing around, yelling, "hurry, hurry".  These pictures are of our fire drill #2 and was a successful exit. 
 Josiah's job is to get the ladder.  We keep it behind the closet door so Benaiah isn't going up in the girl's beds and messing their stuff up.  So, he gets the ladder and grabs his brother.  Those are his two jobs,  though in this picture, I think his brother grabbed him. : ) 

 Once the boys are up in the beds, Diella gets the ladder and gets it out the window.  Alegra grabs blankets.

 Josiah and Alegra exit first, then prepare for little brother to come out the window, with Diella's help on the inside.

 Diella exits with blankets in hand and uses those blankets to breathe through if the smoke is really bad. 

 Our family meeting place is at the play house.  Everybody must go directly there to wait.  But if Jonathon and I aren't out there and a fire truck comes, they are to go to the firefighter to say who is still in the house and where those people sleep.  

It's so important to have a plan and teach your children ways to escape in case of a fire.  You can never be too cautious in this area, I believe.  You would regret it if something happened and your children didn't know what to do to escape.  Here are some helpful websites with tips, activities and ideas on fire safety.  

We pray we stay safe this winter along with all of our family and friends.  At the end of winter we sure are thankful when nothing went wrong with the woodstove.  Safety on us all is reason to praise HIM!