Sunday, December 25, 2011

December at a Glance

With Jonathon's work being primarily outside, he has been blessed with average weather this December.  Hoping that the weather doesn't get too extreme before spring arrives.  And yes, we are looking forward to spring already.  But in the meantime, we have to occupy ourselves with fun to help it go by faster.  : )

Our good friends, the Brothers, planned an amazing date night for a handful of couples at our church.  The theme for the night was Sushi, so the party area was decked out in japanese decor and filled with learning of how to use chopsticks and how to make a sushi roll.  The food was amazing along with the fellowship of friends.

We also had the honor of dinner with some old friends, Aaron and Sadie, and new friends, their 4 children.  I used to babysit for her when she was a girl and used to attend church with her family.  What a pleasure to meet her 4 children and see how our children played together.  The fellowship was sweet with much discussion of the Scriptures and even some singing before they left.  I think our children were very happy to meet and make more friends!

The happenings as of this weekend are the boys have hand foot and mouth disease.  Not sure where it came from, but they've got it.  We are doing our best at helping them through it and looking forward to it running its course and leaving.  Tonight papa and the girls left to return a Redbox, so the boys and I stayed home and read books.  Well, Josiah read books.  He sure is a good reader!  Then when Benaiah saw that I had the camera out, he wanted to "cheese" for me.  Poor boys, with their nasty looking faces.  Will be glad when it's out of the house!

 And as if having a horrible rash around his face wasn't enough, Benaiah tripped and cracked his head on our bed today.  Puffed it out and looked pretty nasty.  We are something around her as you can clearly see. 

A great way to end our evening tonight, with music and song.  He is our everything, the beautiful One, the one we adore, worthy of all of our praise!  Today at supper when we prayed, Benaiah, during the prayer was telling Jonathon to pray for his ouchy.  Jonathon did, but apparently it wasn't enough, so Benaiah closed his eyes super tight and said his own prayer for his ouchy, with a hearty "amen" at the end.  The prayers of our children are such a blessing to us and hopefully to our Lord!