Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthing area for Baby Bovee #5

It was our desire when I was pregnant with Benaiah to have a home birth.  Due to major compications, that plan did not work, so apparently was not the plan of the Almighty's.  This time, however, we are trying again.  I've taken all precations to make sure what happened last time doesn't happen again, and so far, with just 3 more days until due date, I am feeling good and everything seems to be going great!  We bless the Lord for this daily!

My dream birthing area would be to have this baby outside and try to do a water birth which I've never done before.  So, even though we've been busy at the farm remodeling and getting that space ready to move into, we have also been busy getting a birthing area set up for when things start to happen with labor.  Thankfully, we had most everything on hand, so the structure and decor in the area didn't cost us much at all and what we did build for the area can be moved over to the farm to be used there as well. 

This is just a peak in case I don't actually get to use the area for birth.  The evenings are getting so chilly, if everything happens then, we might have to be inside.  But we'll see how God orchestrates it all, and we'll be happy with however it turns out.

The lanterns I made.

My children decorated these flower pots with my mom.  They were made quite awhile back special for the occassion.

The doorway out of the area into the back yard in case I want to walk around the flowers in the flower bed.  And the bench my dad and Jonathon built.  This will be moved over to the farm to use in our house, I think.

The area with the lights down lower is where the birthing tub is going to sit.  These walls were used by Jonathon's mom for craft shows and we used them as a backdrop for our wedding.  They have survived many moves and we were glad to have them to use for this area as well. 
 We did have to add some supports as two of the walls fell over when we had some winds last week.  It was a bummer as it dented up one of my lanterns (so glad the globes weren't on them) and broke my big flower pot right in half.  Oh well, at least it is braced now and hopefully won't hve any more problems.  I also bought the chiffon curtains at a garage sale for $1.00.  Yay, for good deals and just what I was looking for!  When things start happening we will add some hanging mason jars with candles in them from the shed, so that will finish off the area, not to mention get the tub blown up and ready with warm water.  And I have a few more plants to bring out to add to the area along with a table for the birthing supplies and maybe I can get some floewrs picked to put in a vase or two to sit on the table to add some color.  Certainly can't pick flowers while birthing in a hospital.  That's what I call smelling the flowers while getting through a little pain.   : )


Carie said...

Seems very peaceful and private, and I love the contributions from the family! Thinking about your birth often now that you're so close...and praying every time you come to mind. Much Love!