Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saphira With Grandpa & Papa

Our wee one is growing.  Jonathon said she is getting chunky.  Hardly.  She is just right.  Every baby should have a sleeping picture with his/her daddy, so I had to capture a few of those for Saphira to cherish when she's older.  One is a classic daddy sleeping with baby position, the other, well, that's how he sleeps at night.  : )

 Then the girls finally got grandpa Dan to hold her.  He's not much of a little baby holder, but I think they just dropped her in his lap, so he didn't have a choice.  And then the scurry to quick take a picture before he passes her off, was, well, quick.  But they did get a nice picture of him with his newest grandbaby.

 This beautiful Sabbath morning, we are all getting over colds.  We've been so thankful that Saphira has stayed healthy while everybody has been coughing and sneezing all around her for almost a week now.  So thankful for her healthy little body, and that I'm able to nurse so she can have those extra nutrients that God so lovingly placed in women to nourish their young.  With the sun shining in on my bed this morning, it looked like perfect lighting for some pictures, so before she woke up, I tried getting a couple poses that I have been trying with no success or wanting to try.  They turned out great with this lighting and with a pleasantly sleeping baby. 
 These two show her long eyelashes so well.  I was laying in bed this morning just looking over her features and couldn't stop gazing at those lashes.  The lighting was perfect this morning for capturing their length and beauty.

 These two poses I have seen others capture and think it's so sweet.  How appropriate since the marriage of a man and woman is where it all started.  And I love the above picture where she is smiling, almost as if she knows that she has been placed in a family where her parents adore each other and will love her and teach her in the best ways that we can.

Our precious gem, Saphira growing and changing already.  She is 3 1/2 weeks old now.  She's been to the farmhouse to work, to church to see her church family, to the carpet store to pick out carpet for the farm (which by the way is installed and looks amazing- it's all coming together) and has been snuggled by so many loving people.  She is loved greatly!


LeGwen said...

Beautiful pictures! Love, Love, Love the ones with your rings on her fingers. They are precious. She is a gem, for sure!