Friday, December 7, 2012

Birthdays and Barnyards

We've had some busy days around here.  There have been celebrations of various kinds and the usual taking care of every day household things.  We celebrated Diella's birthday.  We enjoyed a fun and casual evening with some of my aunts.  It was nice to have Diella help me decorate a little and plan out her evening.  Diella is one of the sweetest girls ever.  She has truly taken on second mommy role to Saphira.  The picture below shows one of her mommy moments.   

 We've added some chickens to the farm.  Finally we were able to bring over the chickens that some friends have been keeping for us.  So, we now have 14 hens and a rooster.  It's really fun to watch them all out in their pen.  We've never had a rooster before, so it's been interesting watching him, and the hens follow him around.  He isn't real aggressive which is great for us, but we would like him to be a little more towards the cats on the farm that like to stalk them.  Bad kitties!  The hens are laying sufficiently.  We gather 6-8 eggs a day.  Diella is typically our chicken lady.  She enjoys taking care of them, and I enjoy watching her with them.
 It seems that time can get away from me, and I neglect posting pictures of my children just because I love them.  Today there's a little bit of sickness, so our plans changed for the day and other than doing school work, we are just hanging out and doing nothing special.  I think when the papa gets home from working it will be time to put our nurturing shields on (he really isn't feel well). 

My boys, Benaiah and Josiah.
The boys both of have battle wounds on thier faces. So different than my girls!
Diella and Saphira hanging out on the couch.
Alegra and Saphira.  The baby gets all the lovins around here. And she looks pretty happy about it too. : )

We have been so blessed with beautiful and healthy children.  I think about children who are born with major health issues and how taxing it is on the parents.  Those parents deserve great blessing for supplying so much love and care to those children.  I am thinking of one family today who I know has been dealing with health problems in their son and what a battle it is with running back and forth to the hospital and waiting for the treatment that he needs.  I pray for them and then I turn around and bless the Lord for where I'm at right now.  At any given moment he can change that for me, so I want to make sure that I am blessinng Him for this moment here and now, yet also praying for those who are struggling because I could very well be the one in their shoes some day, hoping that others are praying for me.  
So, I guess for today, while we're down a little bit, we are stopping to take time to pray for others who have to deal with much worse things than a little sickness.  And it's a great reminder to praise Him for these happy and easy moments in life.