Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zoo Fun with Grandparents

Thanks to my dad's work for offering a fun day at the Potowatmi Zoo for employees and their families.  We sure had a nice time!

 We decided to give the children the choice between the train and the butterfly exhibit.  Grandpa Dan took the train riders and the rest of us enjoyed the butterfly exhibit. 

No doubt that my children love their dad.  He's pretty fond of them too.  : )

 It landed on her foot, but I was too slow to capture that. 

 Peacocks are one of the most amazing creations of Yahweh.  We did get to see one of them puff out it's brilliant tail feathers.  What a treat!

 This boy is so much like his Grandpa it's not funny.  This was completely unstaged. 

 Most enjoyed exhibit goes to the Lions!  We love hearing them roar from across the zoo, then being up close one more time before we left to hear them roar.....and see them spray towards the crowd. 

Diella requested to check out the park before we left.  They had a fun time exploring all the new things to figure out.  We ended our time with Grandpa Dan and Grandma Deborah by eating at Logan's.

We finished up our day by stopping by to deliver eggs to Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda.  We enjoyed a short visit with them and their friends, Bill and Iris.  We were able to do a little gardening for them to ease their load a bit and then we headed home.  Was such a full day of blessings all the way around!