Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saphira is 1 Year Old!!!!

Our little gem, Saphira turned 1 yesterday.  We are so very blessed with this little girlie!  Yahweh was so good to give us a girl (that my heart's desire) and a perfect birth at home (also my heart's desire).  He does give us the desires of our hearts when we seek HIM. 

I wanted to get some good shots of Saphira for her birthday, so I took some when we went to Gene Stratton-Porter and then tonight I took more at some friend's house.  They all turned out so cute and definitely show her personality and what she is doing right now.  Enjoy all of her cuteness.  She's got a lot to share! :)

Onto our friend's house for some pictures.  We took this other outfit for her to dress like a cowgirl, but she really didn't care for it much.  This was the only decent one and even then, it isn't very good.  We changed her clothes and she was much happier about it all.

Just a couple pictures to show what hand gestures she's doing right now.  She says "come" with her hands just like we do with her.  In this picture, she was calling a kitty to come to her.  She does love animals!

In this picture I said, "Say HI to momma", and without taking her eyes off of the kitty, she waved her hand at me.  She's become a very experienced waver, mostly saying "good bye". 
And I couldn't post all of these without posting one of her with her buddy, Aviyah.  When she saw Aviyah, she lit right up and wanted her in every picture.  They are good buds, but sometimes Saphira gets the worst end of play time.....

Good example.  :)

What a joy this little sweet girl is to us!  My children don't fight over her, but quite often I hear them laughing and saying, "She is just so cute".  I'm thankful that my children can get a glimpse of the joy that children are to be in a home.  She's a good example of that joy!

~She has many teeth now.  She just popped another through the other night, so honestly, I'm not sure what she's up to now. 
~She isn't walking yet, but crawling very well and pulling herself up to furniture.  Not really even walking along things yet.  I keep saying, not until summer is over.  We'll see if she listens.
~She started eating cereal at 10 months.  Was strictly breast fed until then.  She is now loving food and gets mostly what we eat that is softer, mashed up a bit. 
~She loves animals of any kind and very gentle with them.
~She would rather play than sleep.
~Her blue eyes are still as beautiful as they were when she was born.
~She says, "bye" and "papa", which we can all agree on is universal for "mom" too.  ;)  She does love her daddy!
~She loves to be held by Alegra, fed by Diella, have funny faces made at her by Josiah, and pretty much anything Benaiah does, she laughs at.  That boy is such a clown!
~From the time she was born (okay, not quite that early, but it was one of the first things she ever did) she has danced.  She went from swaying back and forth if you held her standing up on your lap to rocking back and forth while sitting on the floor.  On her belly she would push up with her arms and sway her body that way to dance.  And now she pulls herself  up to something and dances on her feet back and forth, while not letting go of her support.  We'll see if she takes up dancing as she gets older.
~Her smile has developed into a squinchy nosed grin on occassion, but also will give a big toothey smile too. 
~"She's the best", said by all of the other children.  And Jonathon and I agree.....besides our other 4.  :)