Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sukkot 2013 -The Oaks in Southbend, IN

This year we celebrated Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) closer to home, which was really nice.  We met lots of new friends, some that live closer and some from further east.  It was such a blessed week!  Four mornings we organized a children's devotional time with our friends, the Brothers.  We did music, stories, and then some sort of activity.  We also were in charge of worship for 2 of the nights, which was wonderful!  We took one day and drove to Valpo to celebrate with another fellowship over there.  We met some folks from the group The Twelve Tribes.  We spent most of our week with them as they also traveled over to Valpo for the same day that we went.  What a sweet group of people and so enjoyable to fellowship with.  Just after 1 week, they felt like family.  Was a blessing to get to know them and their children and spend this week of joy getting to know them!  One of the families had an autistic son, which brought back many memories for me in working with Danny, the boy I used to work with.  We grew very fond of Hoshua during the week.  He loves music, so he fit right in with all of us!

There a load of pictures, so I hope you'll take the time to enjoy them all.  If you have questions on any of them, just leave a comment.  I don't have time to give a caption to each one.  It was all I could do to find time this evening to get blogging done for the whole summer.  Time just passes way to quickly.   

 Must caption here: This boy would go get his own hot dogs and once came back with the ketchup already on them to grill over the fire.  Silly boy, and a creative idea.  

 Graham cracker sukkahs.

The night sky looked like this every night.  I sure would have liked for my camera to take better night shots, but this will have to do.  We even got to see the meteorite that shot through the sky with the green tail.  No pictures of that, but it sure was a beautiful and surprising sight!

 Apple trees galore!  Made for some yummy apple crisp for supper one night and applesauce when we got home.

 Gagga Ball

 Much Dancing!

 The Twelve Tribes' Bus.  What an amazing set up and beautiful interior.  Lovely people!

 Glad you could wake up from  your nap (JB) and join us for the day!  

 A much deserved nap for the lady running the kitchen morning, day, and night!

 This boy woke up from a nap, put on his sister's pants, backwards, and came out of the tent.  It was so funny, I just had to get a picture before I hauled him back to the tent to put his pants on.

 The outside temps were warm enough for swimming, but that water was freezing!  Only children can tolerate such temps.  We all did enjoy watching them and getting to have some water fun!

 At Valpo playing family games. 

 Preparing for Sabbath meals.

 A little science experiment.


 He was so blessed!  What a reward to see his face play that drum one more time before leaving.  What a joy to have him around during this week!  

 Baby getting rolled up in sleeping bag!

The next pictures were taken by others.  Thank you for capturing some great moments of the week as well!

We definitely had a week of JOY!  We learned a little in different areas, and met new people, and worshiped the Father in song, in teaching, and in living!  I pray HE was blessed with our celebration of one of HIS appointed feasts!