Sunday, June 1, 2014

School Program 2014- People Who are Mistreated and Why

We had a wonderful day celebrating another school year and displaying some things that the children have learned throughout this year.  Our usual guests were able to make it with the addition of Alegra and Josiah's piano teacher and her husband, who also happen to be family friends for many, many years as well.  

What they studied this year for the program was a little different in that it covered a little more than just one topic.  This year they studied different people who are or have been mistreated and why.  The important part about what they've studied is then to figure out how we can treat others differently to show them kindness.  Hopefully they learned a lot throughout the study, but I have a feeling it's something that they'll continue to learn about as they grow up.  I even learned some things and were faced with some challenges in my thinking with this study, so it was really good for all of us.  

A friend shared with me about lap books, so we decided to display some information for our guests to read on boards.  
 Native Americans

 Special Needs

 Love this!

 African Americans

 A lap book on Special Needs and some writings they did on African Americans.

 Party favors to remind everyone to be kind.

 My mom helped make some cookies this year, which was so helpful!  She brought some that were in the shape of a heart and said, "Be Kind".  They were perfect for the party!  

 Our sleeping girl through some of the program.

Let the program begin!  We had a great audience for the children, and they presented their materials loud and proud.  
 Josiah started out the program after Diella's introduction.

 Yahkiyn enjoying the fun. 

 Josiah read some of the Emancipation Proclamation to cover slavery.

 The girls made quilt blocks to share about the different patterns that African Americans would put into quilts to give clues to escaping slaves.
 My mom helped them sew them during sewing class. :)

 Josiah played a song on the piano that was a Native American sounding song.

 Alegra also played a Native American sounding song on the piano.

 Benaiah sang a song about being a little Indian who hunts bear and buffalo.  He did really good for being a beginner.  
The other children recited a poem called the Unbarred Door also for the Native American portion of the program.
Diella read a poem about the Holocaust for the jewish portion.

We then went into people with Special Needs or Disabilities. The girls had volunteers from the audience try different activities that show how difficult some things can be for people with learning disabilities.

 The littlest Bovee laid there for the whole program with her eyes open, never moving. 
Then they took 2 more volunteers to help with a song.  We had taught the Brothers children the sign language to one of the songs so they could surprise their parents and participate during the program.  It was fun to have them join us for this song, and the children all did great!

 Then they sang the song Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath.  Jonathon played his guitar with them, Benaiah drummed, and Alegra added the rain stick that the Brothers brought back for us from their trip to the Philippines.  We love it!

 The last thing they did was introduce the books that they wrote for the summer reading program for young authors at LaGrange Library.  Alegra wrote one about birds and Diella wrote one about Grandpa Dan's adventures as a boy.  She read through it to share it with everyone.

 I think he enjoyed it!

 I think every one enjoyed it really. 
Snack time and visiting.

 One of our guests was Sharon who was our neighbor when we lived in Sturgis.  She always loves staying connected with the children and watching them grow.  She would always measure the children on a doorway at her house, which was fun for the children to do each time they visited.  Well, she remodeled her house and the board came out of the house, but she didn't get rid of it.  She has kept it and brought it along with her to measure the children.  What fun for them to see how much they've grown since seeing her last!

Everyone grew a lot!

We always have fun taking pictures of the children with their guests.
 The children with Mike and Kathy Troyer.

The children with Ruth Willcocks who was a neighbor from Sturgis.

Sharon, our next door neighbor from Sturgis. 

 Phil and Casie Brothers and family always make for a full and ....... picture!

 Grandpa Dan and Grandma Deborah do something to add fun to the program and I appreciated her helping the girls with sewing the quilt blocks.  I think they were a great visual and activity for the girls to do.

 More sillies.

 Sweet girls.

 Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda made it a little late, but glad we could still capture some memories.

 Some funny memories too. 

 And my amazing family!  How blessed I am with all of these children to call mine, yet borrowed from the Lord.  I pray He gives me many more years with these wonderful children of His to laugh with, cry with, make memories with, and grow old with.  

Since Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda missed the program part of the party, the children did a couple of the musical parts to share with them.  The second time around was just as good as the first and we even had some extra volunteers that time around.

We are so thankful for those we have included in this special part of the children's school year.  It's fun to watch them each year grow and change in how they present themselves and in how they prepare for the program.  I always looked forward to when they were this old and were playing piano and singing with instruments.  Now, I look forward to when they do more piano along with the singing and more instruments and more taking charge of the program and making it totally their's without my help.  That day will be here before I know it, and the girls will be helping the younger ones with their program.  Oh that time could move slower, so I can enjoy the here and now.  I am loving this phase.

My Great Aunt Rosie once said, "The times when my children were young, were the best years of my life.  Don't take this time for granted."  She's right.  This is the best time of my life.  Jonathon and I are healthy, have a beautiful family, have goals and dreams that we are reaching toward, and are watching the Father work in our lives and our children's lives daily.  I'm one blessed lady!  I don't want to take any of this for granted!