Monday, July 28, 2014

While Waiting for Customers

The children have been running the produce stand again this summer.  They are open on Mon, Tues, and Fridays.  They've upgraded to a shed to keep them out of bad weather, but so far we've had perfect days when they are open.  The garden isn't in full swing just yet.  I'm thinking in a a couple more weeks, we'll have the shed full of yummy, nutritious produce.  They are also selling homemade items such as jewelry and jams.  The baked goods are by special order only.  That reduces the extra baked items left over that we have to eat.  :)

They are enjoying the gorgeous days we've been having.  Playing outside on the farm stuff and with the animals keeps them entertained while waiting for customers.

Alegra has been really reading and practicing her photography hobby.  She's been taking portraits of her siblings and of garden items.  I thought I should share her best shots here, so she can look back through them when she becomes a professional.  :)

And last but not least, I got tractor lessons.  It was a snap!  :)  Wood hauling has been filling our spare time.  It feels good to get the barn full of wood for winter.

Our blueberries are doing great!  We are so excited for when we can officially open for a U-Pick.  We'll need another summer of root growth to strengthen the plant, then I think we'll be ready to invite you all to come enjoy our berries.  So excited!!!  We did go through and pick blossoms off, but we found that we missed quite a few, so those were a special treat.

We've had such a lovely summer so far of bike rides, kayaking, swimming, fun with friends, bale jumping, and the warmth from the sun.  We are blessed and I have to remind myself often of that, so I don't take this life for granted.  He gives and He takes.  Right now, He is giving to us, and we love all of His good gifts that He's giving.