Sunday, August 24, 2014

David Rogers Days 2014

We enjoy going to parks, historical events, and spending time with our friends, so when David Rogers Days came around in LaGrange, this day met all of our most wonderful requirement for a lovely day.  It was at a park, a historical event, and some of our bestest of friends were there. We made some new friends too, which was a bonus!

 The children all had tasks to accomplish such as making a candle, chores of sweeping, basket making, gardening, washing laundry, and other fun things.

Benaiah wanted his dad to help him build the log cabin.  What a fun thing for the boys to do!

 Working on baskets.  The girls enjoyed this and brought them home to finish them up!

 For accomplishing his tasks, he won a wooden knife.  He will love this new toy!

The fun continued with dinner at our friend's house and fellowship with more friends.  Just can't get any better than that!  We are so blessed with wonderful friends, happy children, and hearts that enjoy simple pleasures.  A fun summer day!