Monday, December 15, 2014

Zeky's Music Themed Bar Barakah- Son of Blessing Celebration

Our good friends, the Brothers hosted a big celebration for their son Zekaryah for turning 13.  Instead of doing a traditional Bar Mitzvah, they chose to go with a different direction and did a Bar Barakah, which means Son of Blessing.  The whole afternoon was centered on blessing Zeky as he enters manhood.  He received blessing from his father, from men in his life, and was prayed over by the men who are there for him on a regular basis.  What a blessing it is to have such a large support group of men to be there for our boys and come along side of them as they grow up and become men.  You can see all of the decoration details of the celebration at our party blog CLB CeLeBrations, but this one is packed more with fun pics of the guests and a few decor details.  Enjoy!

We love this family so much!  I can't help but look through all of these pictures and just smile at every one of them.  Not because they are such a nice picture, but because they are filled with love from people all over.  Family and friends who wanted to give their every bit of support to a young man to encourage him in walking this walk in Truth is something that just can't be replaced and makes my heart glad.  I didn't host the party and he's not my son, but thank you to every one of you who chose to take time out of your busy lives to attend his special day.  We are glad they are so well loved by many.  :)