Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Salomon Farm Park- Walk Thru Summer 2015

What a beautiful day today to take a walk and explore a new place!  With some shopping to do, we headed to Ft. Wayne and decided to make our first stop at Salomon Farm just off of Dupont, north of Ft. Wayne.  The trail was asphalt, so it was perfect for strollers or biking, but also made a very nice and smoothe walking trail for us.  It was 1.8 miles in length and was heavily traveled, so we weren't worried about it being unsafe.  It was one big loop that went around the farm and the YMCA.  It also connects with the Pufferbelly trail that is also a walking/biking trail that goes on into Ft. Wayne more and connects with some other trails.  This is definitely an area we want to explore more and maybe with our bikes next time.

If you are there during business hours, there are real nice indoor bathrooms that are available and you can meander around the farm to look at their gardens and animals.  It was rather an enjoyable walk just checking out their little homestead and seeing what they have growing.  It's also very pretty this time of year with many spring flowers in bloom.

Here's a little glimpse of our walk today.  The sunshine felt so amazing and the views were enjoyable too.

 The sign said, "don't pick the flowers", but we were sure they didn't mean the dandelions that were vastly covering the green lawn. :)

 A little football fun while they waited for all of us to finish our sandwiches we packed.  Never leave home with out.  

 There were some big frogs around this pond.  Alegra wanted a picture of them but of course the little siblings ruined those photo opportunities.

To the left is the Pufferbelly Trail and on the right is the Salomon Farm Trail Loop.  

Get outside and enjoy the lovely weather finally making its way to our part of the country!