Tuesday, July 21, 2015

4-H Fair 2015- Petting Zoo, Horse Show, Junk Food, and Friends


Back when Jonathon and I were dating, we started going to the 4-H Open Horse Show in LaGrange. For the past 20 years we've enjoyed keeping this tradition of going and staying as late as we can.  As we get older, we don't seem to stay as late, but the children are now enjoying our tradition as much as we have.  It's always fun when we can have friends join us.  This year was a lot of fun as the children are getting older and can go off on their own a little.  With the rainy weather we had that night, fair grounds weren't very busy either, so it was really nice.  We enjoyed friends, we ate, we walked around and enjoyed the sights of the fair, and then stayed as late as we could in our old age.  :)

 Benaiah absolutely loves the tractors.  

 We enjoyed hanging out with the Park family for a bit and visiting the animals in the petting zoo, watching the frog jumping contest and paper air plane throwing contest.  

Then our friends the Brothers came and joined us.  Elli enjoys horses like my girls, so we were glad she could hang around with  us even after her parents left.  

 Yahkiyn was so cute eating an elephant ear.

Onto the horse show!  We enjoy watching the little children ride, but enjoy the fastness of the older ones.  There are a couple people that we enjoy cheering for.  This year the children were excited to see a Fjord Horse in the stables and then loved watching it during the show.  Alegra captured some great pictures of it.  We also enjoyed watching some friends too.
 The horse show watchers.  This is the only picture I took.  Alegra took all the other ones.

 Ashiya is a friend we enjoy cheering for.

 The Fjord 

Our neighbor, Roger.

We didn't stay as late as we used to, but still got a chance to enjoy some of the animals, extra shows the fair offers, looking at fair projects, eating yummy food, and seeing some of our friends faces that we see once a year at the fair.  It was a wet and muddy evening, but we still enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.  Until next year.....