Monday, April 25, 2016

Passover 2016

This time of year is always a special one for our family as the spring feasts of the Lord are upon us.  We love celebrating with our brothers and sisters all that God has done for us in the sacrifice of His only Son.  Passover is a time to reflect on that sacrifice and then look inside our hearts as we enter into the feast of unleavened bread at the sin that we need to clean out.  These feasts give us great conversations with our children and are such a wonderful picture to help them see the greater love that our Messiah has for us.  I only have pictures here of our first fellowship time with our City on a Hill family having seder together.  The next day we celebrated with some worship and teaching closer to home with families that are within our community fellowship.  Then on Sunday, we celebrated His rising for the feast of First Fruits with friends coming over to fly kites and have a campfire.  What a wonderful day to just hang out with friends and enjoy what He's done for us!

 Alegra and I were both designated to capture the evening in photo.
I love my photographer.  :)

 This year Josiah was asked to participate in asking one of the children's questions.  We were so proud of him for being brave enough to accept the part.  He did a great job!

 The plague bags are always fun for the children, filled with reminders of the plagues that Egypt had to deal with.

And then lots of dance to end the evening.  I even got in there and danced half a song.  Haven't done that for quite some time.  :)

 My girl gathered up some flowers for me. :)

As we continue this week of Unleavened Bread, we are reminded of all that we need cleansed of.  So much hides, is pushed back into the corners of our hearts or is so small that we don't think we need to deal with it, but that's not what God requires of us.  He wants our whole hearts to serve Him, with not a bit of sin that we hold onto.  I pray this week draws all of our hearts closer to Him and closer to serving Him completely without blemish.