Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Laundry Helpers

Last night I had lots of laundry to get done, but the children had their own agenda of what the evening was to hold. But after I told them that we needed to get laundry done before anything else happened, they looked like they were thinking. Next thing I know, I find them in the bathroom.

The laundry basket is almost full of clean clothes, ready to hang on the rack. It appears that they are all trying to figure out how to get the clothes at the very bottom of the washing machine. They even took the little bench in to stand on. They were thinking that's for sure.

This is a classic picture. They decided to help little brother, so he could reach the bottom. Thankfully they didn't drop him in, but it didn't work so well either. Onto the next thought. Only a big sister can decide this.

"Outta the way, I'll do it". Alegra just decided that she would get the job done, and she did. What good helpers. They drug the laundry basket out of the bathroom and even started hanging the laundry on the rack. All that work just to have calendar time. Fine by me. Maybe I can get them to do work like that every day before calendar time. Nothing will probably give me as much of a chuckle as this did though. I love my children, especially when they work together. Time to start another busy day.