Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Little Wild Life

On Thursday afternoon the guys (Jonathon, Josiah, and Dan, Christi's Dad) went to sit in a blind to watch for deer. The buck deer boy has been wanting to do this all year and it is finally deer season, so the boys had some good quality time in the woods. Here are a few pictures from their exciting time.

Grandpa looking through his binoculars while Josiah is holding up his wooden gun that Grandpa Dan made, ready to shoot a deer.

And the boy, one hour into the experience sound asleep on the ground. Way too exciting for him I think. At least they didn't have to worry about him making noises.

On Sunday while we were cleaning the house, we had some visitors in the field beside our house. We had them last winter but haven't seen them all summer long. They are back and we love watching them. There were 23-25 of them....turkeys that is. We sure love where we live just because of the wild life. Love the nature all around.


Banner Kidd said...

The little man looks like he had a hard day hunting game for the family table!!! How cool.

Bill Sines said...

That's what I would look like if I fell asleep and fell out of my tree stand! You must be pretty tired to fall asleep on the cold ground like that. Great pic.

Banner Kidd said...

Bovee Brigade. Good Sabbath day to you! Looking forward to seeing you tonight at Sabbath gathering.

A new post is up at Torah Perspective, entitled, "Our Faith Journey." I invite you to come read it, comment on it, and pass it alont to others, if you feel led.

I love you all and am blessed by you. Be blessed in Yeshua Messiah! -Banner

Banner Kidd said...

I have fat fingers. In the previous post "alont" was suppose to be "along."

Isn't the snow beautiful? Bless Abba for HIS creation!