Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A babe is born- Benaiah Daniel Bovee

May 19, 2009
9lbs. and 21 inches long
It was a long and hard labor to have this baby. But look at him, I think he was well worth it! And praise God that there were no complications, everything went naturally just as I had prayed for, and we have a very healthy boy.
The clot- tomorrow morning at 7 I will be getting the filter removed. At this point the doctor thinks that the clot is stable enough and won't be an issue of giving me more problems. They will send me home with medication to take that will work at the clot and prevent it from growing. We still don't know when we will go home, but things look better. We have just been so amazed at how we have seen God's hand in this whole situation. Some would probably say that this certainly hasn't been a blessing to our family, but I would disagree. Yes, it's been a situation that nobody would want to go through, but seeing God work has been such a blessing in our lives. And so many other families are also seeing Him work and it's been a great testimony! If I have to suffer for His glory and testimony to others of His wondrous and marvelous works, then so be it. He has been faithful to us in showing us that He has been with us every step of the way and I praise Him for that!!!!
Well, I have a baby that wants to eat. Sounds like that's going to be my story here for the next year. What a blessing!!!


Wendy Campbell said...

Yeah for Benaiah! He looks just like the other cuties in your family! We hope to be able to come by on Sunday June 7th to see him. I'll be in touch. Congrats, again!

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful.

Angelina said...

What a beautiful baby!