Thursday, May 28, 2009

How does the time fly? And how are things going after our little journey in the hopsital?

Well, we came home on Friday and Saturday morning I was back in the ER at Kalamazoo. I just hadn't felt right all night and after calling the doctors and telling them how I was feeling, they wanted me to come in right away to be checked on for fear that I threw a clot. That day is a long story, but we took yet another step of faith that day and chose to trust in Yahweh rather than going through with some tests that had the potential to cause great damage to my body. I think how I was feeling was just due to being overwhelmed with the situation, being home with my children, and a few other things. I was really stressed getting home, and I think it got the best of me, so now I remind myself that I am okay and to calm down. :) Feeling much better and gaining strength from Him to keep moving forward til all this is said and done.
Benaiah had many visitors in the hospital. And of course coming home, he was smothered in love. Josiah hasn't wanted to hold him yet, but does ask if he can "pet" him. We explained to him that he is not a pet but a person. He still thinks he should pet because his hair is so soft. :)
Here is Diella holding Benaiah. Big smiles from them both.
And the biggest sister, Alegra, holding Benaiah.
She absolutely loves to hold him and has even put him
to sleep for me and layed him down without me even knowing it.
What a great helper!
Grandpa Daniel holding Benaiah right after he was born.
I think he is happy to have Benaiah have his name.
Grandma Deborah right after he was born.
Richard and Lee Mishler came up to see and hold Benaiah.
We sure appreciated our church family coming and visiting as
often as they did before and after Benaiah was born.
Melanie Pearson getting her baby fix. Aren't you ready
for another, Mel?
Grandma Linda Bovee holding him with all smiles, knowing how much
Grandpa Byron would have loved him.

Aunt Mandy getting acquainted with him. Will he love her as much as Josiah loves her?

Great Grandpa and Grandma Murphy coming for their first peek at him. Blessed to have them around so the children can spend time with them.

And our good friends Phil and Casie Brothers holding Benaiah and their baby, Amalyah. Amalyah is 11 weeks old. What a big difference in the babies just with that little bit of time. What a blessing!

We have had so much help since being home. Our church family has been just awesome as they have felt the prompting to help in certain areas and have been obedient to that call. We've had groceries brought, meals brought, dishes done, floors swept, and just good sitting and visiting time. What a blessing for sure!

I believe we are all adjusting quite well. I am feeling like a normal person again. I have no idea what the clot is doing in my leg, but I trust that God has it all in control. The house has been a mess with bringing so much home (and with never really having gotten everything ready before we ended up in the hospital), so I am slowly working at that. The children's room is piled high, so it will be wonderful when that gets all put together and rearranged to fit everything. Will take some time though. I forgot how much time it takes to tend to a baby.

Come back after the weekend. Benaiah is getting dedicated to the Lord on Saturday. We will surely have pictures and a posting on what we shared.