Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alegra turned 8? What?

Oh wow, I can't believe that my little girl turned has 8! Look at that great smile! We love Alegra so much and are thankful for her life in our family. We played games and had pink cupcakes after breakfast to celebrate. At dinner we reminisced what the day was like when she was born. It was a beautiful winter day, only when you looked out the hospital window, people were driving around with their convertible tops down and walking around in short sleeved shirts. It was gorgeous out, and we welcomed her into the world with a smile and warm sunshine.
It was a few years later that I learned something. I had an amish client who was talking about her son who had died while riding his bicycle on a warm, sunny, late January day. What? Yes, the same day my first child was being born, another mother's son was being taken home with Jesus. Within an hours time even. It really gives me a better appreciation of the life He gave us in Alegra. Thank you Father for her and help us to remember that she is ultimately Yours and not ours. Help us to train her to serve You and shine with Your joy.