Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy days in the crazy life

Wow, time can sure pass quickly. Jonathon's job is doing wonderful! What a blessing! With that comes a change in our household living. In the evenings, Jonathon puts together satellites for his next day's jobs, so we usually sit in the living room and sometimes the children help him put them together and other times we just stay out of his way as it takes up the whole living room when he starts this project. The boys love it though, with the noisy screw gun and all the various parts. Blessed to have this as part of our family's life right now. BUT we do look forward to one day not having to do this in our tiny little house. Maybe a special area (like a garage) for such assembling together of things. :)

Also, with some major van repairs (thank you Father for protection), and our computer at home deceasing, I haven't been able to get on the computer as much. Good for getting things done at home (especially with a special celebration coming up in March), but not so good with downloading pictures, keeping up this blog and reading other's money saving blogs, and staying on top of good freebies.

One freebie that I do want to share with you all is something that I have been doing for my brother's children's birthdays. It's called Hot Prints, and you can print one FREE photo book per month. Some of you may be saying, wait a minute, they are amish, why would they like a photo book. Well, we find pictures online of things they would be interested in and make it full of what they like. Benjamin got a horse book, and we just got Geneva's doll book in the mail, all ready for her birthday in March. What fun! They don't even charge shipping....completely free!

We just got our new computer tower delivered today, so I will be back to posting more of our families activities and our goal accomplishments. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway. I was hoping to do it at the end of this month, but with the unexpected repairs of the van, we weren't able to follow our budget. Soooo, hoping for that next month. "Continue staying tune for that wonderful giveaway.