Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Cereal Mess

Diella was doing something. I'm not sure what because I didn't see her. I just turned around to a girl holding a box of cereal, looking rather nervous in the face, with cereal all over the floor. Jonathon said that he got cereal on him and even caught some in his hand, and when she looked at him as if she were in trouble, he popped the cereal that was in his hand, into his mouth.
So, the cleaning was a group effort. Diella sucked it up while the others ate it. I know, the 5 second rule was way up, but they just couldn't stand the thought of wasting it all and were hungry. : ) How can one be mad at a time like that? Maybe if they would have all ran off and ignored the mess, but they were all frantically eating and cleaning it up. Haha! Love my kiddos!