Monday, March 14, 2011

Milk and Cookies Party

If you haven't checked out the other blog that I am involved in, you really should. It is in it's beginning stages, but it has turned into quite a fun project for me and a friend. CLB CeLeBrations! will hopefully continue to grow and provide fun and unique ideas to help others Celebrate events in life.

This event was for my friend's Daughter, Amalyah. She just turned 2 and had a great time enjoying the milk and cookies at her celebration.

We made pom poms to hang from the ceiling, the cookies, and Casie even did up the two trays in the middle from Dollar Store bargains. But, you can read all about that on the CLB CeLeBrations! blog.

Casie and I after all of our quick work getting ready and waiting for the guests.

Amalyah dipping her cookies. So cute!

The children decorated cookies to take home.

Here are Benaiah's cookies. He didn't have 2 whole cookies to take home since he took bites out even before he started decorating them. What a boy!!!

Laura and Amalyah!

Amalyah and Benaiah.
Was such an enjoyable party! Any party with a table full of cookies and milk to wash them down is simply delicious!