Monday, June 18, 2012

Walls Are Coming Down

This family has been busy, busy.  The remodeling is well underway with some major changes having been done.  We are so blessed with all the help we have had so far.  The biggest project that we almost have done is taking the walls out between the kitchen and living room and the small wall between the foyer and living room.  We wanted a more open/welcoming concept to the house, so we decided to take these walls out and here is our work of doing that.  We actually have more done than what this post shows, but sadly I forgot the camera at the last work day, which was the biggest one of taking out the wall and putting in the header.  Pictures of how that all looks now will have to wait til a future post.  Sorry.  

 This picture shows the walls between the foyer and living room and the wall with the fireplace is between the kitchen and living room.  Both walls came out.

 To the left is the foyer/living room wall and to the right is the closet with dark brown doors which we have removed to open up the closet as well. 

 Let the demolition begin!  The boys were sizing up the wall to see how much damage they could do.  Ready, GO!

 He's so entertaining!

 Phil Junior took the better route in using his foot.

 With the wall between the kitchen and living room being a support wall, we needed a professional to help us figure out what to properly do.  Steve Taylor came and lended not only a hand but all of his expertise in the area to help us get the job done correctly.  Thank you soooo much, Steve!

 Benaiah worked at getting nails out.  I think he mostly banged them in. 
Everybody helped!

Look at that!  The wall between the foyer and living room- Gone!  The wall between the kitchen and living room is waiting for more hands to help with placing supports on both sides of the wall and placing in the header before the supporting wall is removed.  There is also some duct work that needs moved, so Jonathon will be attempting that project here in the next week or so before drywall gets patched and mudded for painting.  That wall is now gone and the header in, and the house feels so open.  I will thoroughly enjoy being in the kitchen and being able to see who my guests are coming in the door.  Loving how it is all turning out so far! 

We've done much more cleaning out of rooms and painting.  Lots more painting to take place yet.  And the floors all need replaced.  Whew!  Lots left to do, but we're getting there, and we've got some time before this baby decides to come, so I think we are right on track thanks to all the helpers we've had.  Couldn't do it without any of them!!!

This momma is feeling the work though, so I'm learning that I have to do less work and more sitting.  I've been doing my share of boxing and wiping down walls, but it's beginning to wear on me.  So thankful for the ladies in my life that are willing to help me out with these areas.  And my girls have been good boxers too.  : )

Now that our vacations are all over with,  most of my posts from here until a baby is born will be about remodeling.  Although, we did schedule a boat ride with my parents for next Sunday, so they can see the changes we've made to the house and let Benaiah have a ride on the boat which he's been asking for for weeks now.  That little guy sure loves his Grandpa Dan.  So, until then, try to stay cool in this hot weather and enjoy your friends and family around you!  We sure are!    


Jason said...

I'm so bummed you don't have a picture of me holding up the house! Or eating...

Bovee Family said...

I know! How could I have missed the stud of the house. :D