Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Did the Walls Go?

I wanted to get caught up on here with our projects at the farmhouse.  This weekend I made sure to get some pictures of the missing walls.  There is still much work to complete this area, but this is a big change and so far we are all loving it! 

 Don't you just love how open it all is?  We have an island that will go in the kitchen some where also, to add to the kitchen.  Not sure where we'll put it quite yet. 

After a morning of work and visiting with Jonathon's mom and husband a bit, we gave grandpa Dan, grandma Deborah and Aunt MaryAnn a tour of the house, then headed to Adams Lake to do some fishing.  It was a successful fishing trip catching blue gill, bass, war mouth, and sun fish.  This was the last catch of the night and Diella did it all by herself.  No help needed.  We didn't even know she had one on the line until she brought him in.  A bull sunfish and what a whopper he was!  All the children caught fish, the men did a little trolling and we all practiced patience when both boat motors stopped working as we were headed in for the night with full bladders needing a bathroom.  : )  Thankfully, the main motor was able to start after cooling off a bit and we high tailed it in and rushed to the restroom.  Memories!