Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Farm, Some Cleaning, Some Family Fun

I haven't blogged for a little while and thought I should give you a glimpse of our family life around here.  Today after the papa got home from work, we headed to the farm with a load of skids to drop off and drywall to pick up to exchange for what he needed to have a work day on Sunday.  Hasn't been much progress made at the farm since the last post, but we are hoping that we can begin to wrap some things up there in the next few weeks.  We came home and did some work around here.  Cleaning up the yard and the steers barn, playing in the sprinkler and enjoying the lovely evening with our little family.    

 Diella worked at raking up all the leaves and left over hay from the winter that got dropped on the ground as they carried it to the barn.  She rakes a good bunch up to feed to the boy.  He loves that girl because he always knows she will give him some yummy treat. 

 Benaiah helps wherever and whenever he can.  Tonight he helped clean out the boy's water tub and fill it up.  He loves to "work" with papa. 

                                                                  Our little farm girl.

                     After the boys is taken care of, I guess Benaiah decided he needed watered too. : )

We do enjoy our little farm.  Trying to figure out how we will set things up once we move to the Bovee farm.  Will be getting more chickens over there and in the fall this boy will be butchered, and we are going to wait and see if we feel the need to get another for butchering in a year or so.  We've also talked about getting some dogs to raise, so we'll see where we end up with new adventures when we move. 

But no moving until after this baby comes.  All seems well.  The midwife was here last week and everything looks good.  Baby needs to get in the right position, but we have a little time for that yet.  Speaking of brother and his wife had their 8th baby last Wednesday.  A little boy named Konrad who weighed 11 lbs. 4 oz.  He was born at home, the midwife didn't make it in time, so Joshua delivered him by himself......well, I would say Ellen did the most part of the delivering.  : )  She is amazing!

Well, that wraps our day and evening up.  Time to get the children cleaned up and into bed.  Tomorrow is massage day, so I need to get things around for work tomorrow.  Blessing the Lord for work for both me and Jonathon.  The Father has provided sufficiently for us lately and slows things down when we need to spend more time at the farm working.  He is so faithful to orchestrate all areas of our life.