Monday, July 30, 2012

A BIG work day!

Yesterday we finally had the big work day we had been planning for awhile.  Much more was accomplished than we had planned, so we were super blessed.  With many hands makes lots of work get done, so thank you to all who came out to the farm to help us out!

Rob and Caleb helped paint trim.

Chris and Joel ran the paint sprayer to get the ceilings all done.

I had lots of ladies helping in the basement box stuff up.  What troopers for facing the space!

Josh and Jamin were the muscles in moving heavy appliances and furniture out of the basement and from upstairs.

More basement helpers!

And we had lots of little helpers!

One project we weren't expecting to really get done was the chimney.  It's very old and has been falling down, so something needed done with it to seal it off and repair the damage.  Thank you Richard for heading this project up and making sure it got finished!

We had lots of painting helpers!  Helpers doing trim, edges, and rolling.  Thanks to Joel for taking charge of that department!

Our outside living area. 

All painted!  Look at that!  Thank you everyone for all the help!  We couldn't have accomplished so much without your servant hearts!

The finished chimney repair.  Thank you Jason and Richard for sticking around so late to complete it!  You guys are a blessing!
 We are truly blessed to have such wonderful brothers and sisters to help us get things done for the house to be finished.  Ladies brought food and drinks to go along with lunch, the men weren't hesitant to ask what else needed done and even some of the children helped pack and clean up things.  The upstairs isn't all painted yet, but we can work at that as we have time.  And now Jonathon's main priority is the flooring on the main level.  He is hoping to get that done within the next couple weeks. 

Again, if you have any ideas for getting cat smell out of a room, please pass it along.  Hoping that after yesterday having the windows open all day and another coat of strong odor sealer, the cat smell will be less, but we were still smelling it some and don't want to smell it at all.  Jonathon did take trim off and got that out, so that should help a great deal also.

Hoping soon to have before and after pictures of the rooms all finished. 


Anonymous said...

When we bought our current house the previous owners had a cat locked in the room. The cat sprayed his scent all over the room. We finally had to rip up the carpet and padding. We applied several coats of kiltz paint. It helped block the smell. Wishing you the best on this project!!!!

Bovee Family said...

Thank you, anonymous!