Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The joys of Saphira at 5 months old

There is no doubt that my children love their papa.  And it seems that they get younger and younger at realizing that he's the best in the house.  Honestly, they love me most when they come out, but give them a chance to get to know him, and the mom is history.  He's sooooo much fun, just ask any of them.  I'm glad he's my children's dad. 

 Not everybody gets the hand on the face when giving a kiss.  Mostly just the papa.

 Even at just 5 months old, Saphira lights up when her papa gets home.  She does love him!

Beautiful girls!  Should have gotten Diella into the picture too.  After my grandpa's funeral we were all so tired, but everybody looked so nice that I had to get a couple pictures....well, mostly of the baby.  She's the cutest of us all.  It has been such a blessing having her in our family.  The joy that she has brought and brings into our family daily is what makes having a baby so wonderful.