Friday, January 10, 2014

Another wintry day at the Bovees

We've had so much fun on these super snowy days!  I hear so many saying how they are ready for school to be back in session and their children out of the house.  Since that is our norm here (my children always being in the house), we just soaked up the extra "in" time and learned new things we like to do and got creative.  When snow comes, we take that as a sign that it's time to make sugar cookies.  It takes time, is fun, and the children enjoy being artsy with cookies.  

 Diella in "wiggle my loose tooth with my tongue mode".  It finally came out!

 So many fun cutters we've accumulated over the years from deceased grandparents to aunts to friends.  We have fun with them all!

 Initials always get done!  Don't eat my "A"!

 The boys found a new use for the scarves.  Horsey or chase and lasso or something like that.  Yes, they ran through the house a lot, and yes, I did say to stop running several times, but you know what, they had the best time doing it.  Can't ya tell!

 With the cold temps and snow to play in, Alegra set out to making these handy face covers.  Riding on the sleds behind the tractor proved to be a cold ride, so she sewed, by hand, some face scarves.  They worked perfectly and her siblings lined up for their's.  :)

 Josiah doing a fine job modeling how his works.  

 Of course there was also some cleaning to catch up on.  The girls cleaned the bathrooms for me, Jonathon took the broom all the way around the ceilings in every room, and the boys picked up toys.  I got busy upstairs cleaning bedrooms.  I was loudly at work with the vacuum when I turned around to see that I had a little helper.  She crawled her way upstairs, up the boy's bunk bed ladder, and started trying on their hats.  Oh, she was so cute!

 And so proud of her new attire.  :)

 Another game they discovered was playing horsey with Saphira. She has mastered the walking (as much as a beginner can master walking), and found that she liked to walk behind them holding the reigns.  The cutest part that you miss by only seeing a picture is her staggered walk and hearing her say, "Giddyup" all the while walking behind the horse.  So cute!

Today I decided it was time to clean some outside stuff up a bit.  Saphira was sick all night, and after I got a good nap in with her this morning, I felt pretty rested and felt like it was time to tidy some things outside.  I love to have a welcoming porch, but often times it gets cluttered with bikes, shovels, tools, cats, etc.  I can't keep the cats away, but their mess I can live without, and the added snow just needed to be gone.  I shoveled it off, put away things that were cluttering it, and thought it might be more presentable now if we were to have company.  :)

Then I tended the chicken coop.  Ugh, now that was unsightly!  I didn't clean it to my satisfaction, but that kind of cleaning will have to wait until spring.  Our broody is back to sitting.  I got a few good pecks for trying to take all of her eggs she was sitting on.  It's hard for the children to collect eggs because the rooster likes to stay in where it's warm now, so they can't go in and gather.  I took a snow shovel to him and booted him out, along with the rest.  Some fresh air will do them all good.  Excited to see if, when spring rolls around, the broody can hatch more chicks.  She's such a good mama!

Anyways, I came back in to the picture above.  Saphira fell asleep and Diella, my babysitter, placed her in the laundry basket for napping.  So cute!  She's slept a lot today.  Hoping that tomorrow will bring healthier days for that girl.  She's had it rough the last week.  Maybe nobody else will get it and we'll be done with sickness for the winter!  Yes, that's how I think it should happen!  We'll see how it really goes though.  :)

Praying you all have a happy and healthy winter as well!  Enjoy the snow while you can and stay safe on those roads.