Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter in January 2014-Lots of snowy fun and freezing temps.

The winter storm has brought families home and lots of warm family memories to be made.  While the temps were still warm (well, that's relative) the children got their fill of sledding behind the tractor.  Through the field they go and bounced around and bounced off.  What fun they are having this winter on the farm!

 The snow stopped last night and left us with windy conditions that caused big drifts and freezing temps.  Literally freezing temps.  The children were allowed to bundle up and go out for a science experiment and feed the animals in the barn, but then right back in.  And of course the littlest of us had to stay inside even though she was getting dressed for the adventure too.  Everybody should wear 2 hats on days like this.
 Early this morning Jonathon set out to get things plowed around our place.  With a cousin getting set to bring a tractor over to store in the barn, he wanted to get the barn arranged for that and the snow moved out of the way.  Benaiah is super excited about the new tractor coming to stay for a bit and keeps asking when Roy will come.  Roy is a well liked guy in Benaiah's world.  Saphira enjoyed standing on a pile of laundry to watch Papa out there working too.
 The children finished their school lessons (sounds like public schools don't have to make up these days off, so maybe I should take back today for them, so they can count it too :) ) and headed out to do a bubble freezing experiment.  They found that outside it was just too windy to blow bubbles.  Inside the barn it worked okay.  Diella blew one that got pretty big and when it burst, it burst into pieces of bubble instead of a water splat.  It was fun for them anyway.
Back inside to watch a movie while Jonathon and I worked on building the girl's loft bed to fit the mattress they have.  After living here for a year, I guess it's time to get some things finished up that didn't get finished when we moved in.

The summer herbs (all from plants that we grow or found growing around the farm) are all crushed and put into labeled jars, a letter written to my brother, and a couple magazines read have caught me up for the day.  The sugar cookies will have to wait until tomorrow, uh, wait, I believe the girls are setting out to stir them up now.  Love these winter days in our wood heated house and so many blessings around us in our family and friends.