Monday, December 16, 2013

Canning Shelves Done!

This winter we were hoping to get some inside projects done.  Our new wood stove boiler unit has taken up so much of Jonathon's time that we haven't gotten around to other projects quite yet.  Hopefully, he's learning how to best control the boiler, so that it works properly, and the rest of the winter will be smooth sailing with it.  At least we have good wood heat and can enjoy staying warmer without the extra expense of gas.  Thankful!

One of the projects I would like to get done is the whole basement organized.  Lofty?  Maybe.  My first desire was to have some shelves built at the bottom of the stairs for  my canned goods.  It makes it easier for the children to run down and fetch something for me if it's neat and easy to see what's what.  I suggested inviting my dad over to help with this job, so we set aside a day and the job got done.  Here are the pictures of that project.

The girls snuggly watching a movie together.  Saphira is trying to stand up by herself.  She is finally starting to walk on her own.  Still slow moving about it, but practicing more.  

 The beginning measurements were taking place.  
The boys enjoyed helping the men and using their tools too.

Shelves are finished and painted!

What a wonderful space for my canned goods and supplies!  I am so thankful for these shelves.

One area done in the basement.  We have some other shelves down there, but I just have to figure out what should go where and how to arrange it all.  Too bad it takes so much time.  One day at a time.  Today, I have laundry, schooling, piano lessons, and my herbs to crush down and jar up.  We'll see if I get time to squeeze in some organizing.