Monday, December 2, 2013

Murphy Family Pictures

We spent Thanksgiving being thankful for our family.  Spent some time with the big Bovee clan, then headed to Shipshewana to eat, take pictures and play games with my family.  Some how, all the pictures we took at their house got deleted.  Since I wanted to take advantage of some fabulous FREE deals on photo cards and prints, I needed these pictures done by the 30th.  So, the next day my parents came over to help me get ready for a Celebration and take more pictures.  Maple Woods seemed like a good meeting spot for pics and is such a lovely, quiet setting.  

Trying to look like we weren't freezing, we started taking pictures.  The biggest challenge is Benaiah and Saphira.  After awhile you just have to give up on Saphira, because she doesn't really get the whole look at the camera, smile pretty, sit still, thing.  But Benaiah, he understands, but has a hard time doing all of those things.  Imagine that.  : )  Jonathon would set the timer, then run to his position.  I would snap my fingers toward the camera so Saphira would be looking at it at least, then quickly put my hand down before the flash went off.  It's a process.    

 In this picture, Benaiah is excitedly pointing at something.  As we are all focused on the job of looking at the camera, Benaiah is clearly not focused on the same thing.  Instead, he is focused on the deer that he spotted running through the woods in front of us.  The funny things is, he actually asked us on the way to Maple Woods if we would see a buck there.  We said we didn't know but figured we wouldn't.  How fun for him to spot one....not a buck, but a very large doe.  It just added to our photo experience.  Okay, take 2....actually this was not 2, but maybe 9.  : )
 Yay, a fabulous picture!  Benaiah forgot the "smile" part, but at least he isn't looking silly or off into the distance for more deer.

What a beautiful family I have and am thankful for!  Yahweh has blessed me so much!  I pray this for my children for generations to come!

Now where did we leave our coats!!!!!