Monday, December 9, 2013

Field Trip Day with Grandma Linda!

We haven't done a field trip for awhile, and it was time to take a break from the books and get out to see some fun stuff.  We called Grandma Linda and asked her if she'd like to plan a day around her area of educational fun.  So, on Friday we set out for some good fun with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda.  

Our first stop was to an Earth and Space Museum.  Now if you drove by the building, you would never know what kind of a gem was inside.  This store/museum called The Joshua Tree was filled with very ornate gift items, but also with gems, fossils, and amazing artifacts.  Diella took along the gem that we found a couple years ago on a beach.  The girl working said she thought it looked like an amethyst.  That was fun for Diella.  The children really enjoyed this stop and took home some little souvenirs. 

We then went to Grandma Linda's for lunch.  She pulled out her plastic tub of gems and stones that were a collection of her daddy's.  The children enjoyed going through all of them and picking out a few to take home.  

Our next stop was a delicious one!  The South Bend Chocolate Factory gave a wonderful tour with delicious samplings.  I actually remembered to take my camera in, so I have some photos to share with you.  Enjoy!

 One sleeping baby and our crew waiting to start the tour.

 We got the "inside scoop" and boy was it a good one!

 Time to wear our chocolate hats.

 Surprisingly, Saphira loved wearing her chocolate hat.  She made sure I saw her with it on.

 Now those are big Kitchen Aids.  : )

 Sampling time!

 We all got to dip spoons in chocolate to take home.

We toured their museum of chocolate artifacts and watched a movie in their mini theater.  Before leaving we all bought some yummy chocolatey treats and then ended our day.  What a fun day!  Thank you to Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda for the wonderful time spent and the fun that was had!