Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grandpa Dan's Buck 2013

Because I have been extremely busy lately, I decided that I need to get my blog up to date.  So much has happened that needs to be shared with our readers.  Nothing really of significance, but it's our life happenings, so it's gotta be shared.  : )

And that leads me to Grandpa Dan's buck from this year's bow season.  We waited and waited to get a call from him saying that he needed help tracking.  Finally, the day before gun season was to start, we got the call.  The girls had the honor of the real tracking, stirring it up and watching Grandpa shoot it again for the kill.  What excitement!  The boys got to find it again after it had been confirmed dead.  Jonathon helped drag it out and load onto the truck.  It's always so enjoyable to share in these moments with my dad.  Special memories from when I was young and helping my dad track always seem to come back to me.  With this being near the property where I used to live, it also brought back some fond memories of playing in those woods.  Just can't take the woods out of woodsy girl.  

I love the way Benaiah looks up at his Ding Ding (Grandpa Dan) with such awe.  You can see it in one of the pictures.  It's priceless!  Enjoy the track!

And the freezer is full of meat at the Murphy's house!