Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Snow - Sledding and Smiles!

This winter has been the winter of snow!!!!  I am sitting here writing this while the rain pours, the thunder rumbles, and the lightning lights up the sky.  All the snow is beginning to melt at rapid speeds.  Areas are under flood warnings.  If we aren't being warned about the snow storms, then it's too much water.  Our minds are moving into planting season, so I wanted to make sure I did at least one more post of the children in the snowy fun.  

This is what I hope my children have memories of when they get older. The snow, the fun, the laughs, the dad's attacks, the fast sled rides, the smiles, the love. 

Alegra-12, Diella-10, Josiah-8, Benaiah-4, and Saphira-17 months

Have a great rest of winter and enjoy spring!!!