Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bovee Bash 2014- Fellowship with friends near and far

We love hosting, especially big groups of big families!  We enjoyed having a lot of families from different fellowships to our farm for a campfire and fun!  So glad you could all join us for fellowship together.  

 Getting ready to divide into teams for capture the flag.

 The 2 captains with their  littlest team members.

Let the adult volleyball game begin!!!  What a bunch of kids at heart!

 It got a little serious, with finger pointing at times.  :)

 They didn't let the darkness stop them from their serious game.

 Smores anyone?

A night of fellowship, worship, and relaxing with friends.  That's what I call a lovely evening! Very thankful for this place, where we can do this!  Don't let this summer slip by without enjoying a campfire.  There is just something so peaceful and calming about sitting around a fire on a starry night.  Slow down and enjoy the moment!