Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sauder Village Field Trip

We had a great day field tripping it at Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio.  We spent the day with our good friends, the Brothers, checking out the historic village and enjoying the beautiful day that we picked to go.  Couldn't have asked for a better and more delightful day!

 First stop, building number 1.  Must do this in order.  :)  

 Tin smith

 Aviyah looking cute as ever

 The depot and trying their hand at the morse code.

 Some girls wanting to buy a ticket.

 School time!

 The bad boy of the class.

 They learned the difference between this school and one that predated this one.  

 My man walking around with Saphira outside of the school.

 Just her size.

 There's always a clown of the bunch.  In this picture Benaiah was missing or it might have been him.  :)

 Collecting eggs in the little children's area.

 Some of the big kids like to have fun in the little children's section too.

 The Potter's Barn.  We all loved this best!

 It was so amazing how he created a beautiful piece out of clay and in such short order too.  A great example of our own lives and what the Father does to us as He molds us and puts us through the fire to make us stronger.  Pottery is truly a wonderful art.

 The wood shop full of old fashioned toys that the children had a ball with.

 The man running this shop was delighted to play along too.

Family photos and with friends as we headed to the Settlement.  :)

 Our Pocahontas of the group.

 Learning more pioneer life skills.

 The log cabin schoolhouse.  Very fascinating buildings and ideas for making windows and chimneys.

 Group photo!

 How about we take 2!

 That's better! :)

 Finally, after all that learning, we get to take a train ride.  Everyone is glad to make the walk there.

 Children in front....

Adults behind....

A day well spent with our buddies!  As the days get cooler, we know these kind of outside days will come to a close.  Making the most of them while we have them.