Monday, June 15, 2015

Bat Mitzvah, Park, and Celebrating a new baby & his circumcision

We've had a weekend full of friends and fellowship!  Today wasn't part of the weekend, but it sure felt like it with more time with friends celebrating a new baby.  We are so blessed to have friends near and far that we can spend time with and rejoice in accomplishments in each other's lives.  

Our first stop was at a Bat Mitzvah up in Michigan at the Eplett home.  Sadie is a special girl that we all love.  This ceremony consisted of blessings from her parents, siblings, and grandparents.  We are truly enjoying seeing all these young peole growing up and making the decision to make their parent's God, their own God.  It is a precious decision.  On the long drive home we were blessed to have some discussion with our girls on hearing from the Lord and being obedient.  What a wonderful thing to hear our children telling us that God is speaking to them and they need to obey.  Conversations that make a long drive home seem quite short. 

Here are the lovely pictures from Sadie Rose's celebration.  Alegra took all these pictures with delight as she enjoyed the decorations and artsy creativity that her friend has.

The blessing from the father is so important and special.

 Praying over her.  You can tell their relationship is close and meaningful.  He's a great example of a loving father.

The Bat Mitzvah night was a long one, but we made it home safely and recovered well the next day.  We had some shopping to do for another party and then to graduation party.  We left a little early, so I suggested we take the children to the park.  The rains cleared away for a time and we headed to enjoy some park fun.  It sure felt good to sit and watch my children run, play, and be creative with health and strength.  I am thankful that they all are healthy.  I was quite content to sit there and enjoy the time being together with my family who is happy and whole.

 The girls and I took a brisk walk around the park on the trail.  Ugh, this baby sits low and cramps up the hips, but I kept moving.  

We left the graduation party in a down pour.  We did spend more fellowship time with friends, helping them set up for the party and visiting.  But after the second round of rain, we decided it was time to go.  My parents came over for supper and entertained the children and helped with decorations for party #3.

With new babies come celebrations of new life.  With boy babies come circumcision time.  We like to make it a time of celebration as well.  Not that the poor little guy is getting a procedure done, but rejoicing that his parents are choosing to walk in what the Scriptures instruct to do.  Making it a lighter feel and giving it special touches helps the momma deal with what her son has to go through.

Welcome, baby Emmett, to the Smith family that we love so much!  

 They were recommended this jewish moyle who was very good and added some special touches with speaking on the name they chose and the history of circumcision.  Another friend read some blessings over Emmett,  It was a sweet time for something that is typically done in a medical room and not allowed to be a special procedure.  When the Father said to do it on the 8th day, He had actual physical reasons why as that is the best day when the blood clots to prevent too much bleeding.   Since He chose the day and that it should be done, why not bring Him into the procedure of it.  It is beautiful when done as unto HIM, just as we are to do everything in our walk.   

It was a wonderful way to end our busy weekend.  The light shines on as we bring more children into this world to raise up for HIM.  The light shines on as we have conversations with them about obedience to HIM.  The light shines on as we, in our own examples, walk a walk where we do everything as unto HIM.  I pray we are leading them and showing them what we should to cause them to stay on the straight path and not sway.  Blessing the children to rise up and bless HIM in return.