Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shavuot 2015

We had a lovely Shavuot Celebration this year.  City on a Hill fellowship shares the feast with many, many other fellowships around the Michiana area.  We always delight in seeing so many friends from near and far during this feast.  There is always lots of catching up to do, fun for the children, and of course delicious food.   Here is how we celebrated :

The decorations are always so festive and add to the specialness of the feast.

 Run down of events

 The worship team did a great job leading in worship and focusing on the Spirit, which is what this feast is about.

 There were plenty of people, male and female, who enjoyed dancing during worship.  It's such an added element that we can't always do in tight spaces.

 The youth did a skit set to music.  If you look closely you can see Alegra in the orange shirt. in the middle of the group.

 The Bovee Family Singers, as some call us, sang 2 songs.  The girls did Oceans first, then we all sang Holy Spirit.  Thank you, Ireena Keeslar for the pictures!

 Alegra played the ukulele and Diella played the rain stick.

 So thrilled that we, as a family, can worship together in this way and bless those around us.

 The sound guy.

These next few pictures are of the men reenacting the wave offering.  It's always such a neat time to see all of the leaders of the homes represented there participate in this part.  

This year we were in charge of the children's activities.  We had about 45 children ages 12 and under by the end of the activity time.  It was a little bit of a challenge, but all in all, I believe they had a good time, learned a little bit about the Fruits of the Spirit which was the theme this year, and were able to get some energy out of their systems before it was time to sit and watch fireworks.  We read them a story, taught them a new song, played a Fruit of the Spirit sticker tag game, and the shoe race game.  We ended with giving them the supplies to make beaded bracelets where each color represented a different fruit of the Spirit.  I hope they all went home and practiced what they learned.  :)

 Spreading Love, Joy, Peace, and Goodness to our friends. 

 He's such a happy helper. 

 Bracelet time!

 One of the very few who were able to get in a nap.  :)

Onto the sky lanterns.  This is always such a fun part of the evening.  Sometimes families join up to let one go and other times friends do it together.  Either way, it creates a sky full of light, special moments with each other, and an awe for the peaceful quiet picture that it gives us as the sun goes down.

The final fun is the fireworks display.  Most people have to wait for the 4th of July, but we do the fireworks with thing early.  It's a great way to end the celebration!  
Thank you to Ireena Keeslar from Wild Rose Photography for sharing some of her photos with me to share with you.  Alegra took most of the other pictures.  If she was in the picture, then I took it or Diella.

I hope your feast was as spectacular as our's.  If you don't know about this feast, check it out. Whoever says we shouldn't have to keep those Old Testament feasts is sure missing out!  :)  May His Spirit be among, within, and upon you today!