Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kayaking and Walking -Beautiful Day!

After a late night at our first Spring Family Ball, we decided it would be best to stay home on Sabbath and just relax.  Sometimes you need family time too, and we knew that with the next day being Shavuot we would be needing the extra down time before another big day and late night.  After a little music practice for the Shavuot Celebration, we decided to take the children to a nearby friend's house to kayak.  They love being on the water, especially in their own little boat.  Since these were all last minute plans, I text another friend to see if they wanted to meet up with us there.  Their children love the water as well.  It was a fun time for the children and such a lovely day.  

And of course Benaiah had to swim in the water.  Brrrr. 

 Teaching Saphira how to stir the water laying on her belly.  Didn't need any little ones falling into the water.  

We played in the water for a little bit, then I wanted to get a walk in somewhere, so our family headed to Delth Church Park for a walk.  It was nice to have Jonathon along this time as he is usually working when the children I and go for our summer walks.  I stayed ahead of everyone for the most part and kept up a good pace.  Oh, it feels so good to be back to walking without having the pain.  Very thankful!  Alegra had her camera and usually lagged behind, catching neat moments in nature through her lens.  She is gifted in capturing nature.  Intricate details of God's creation she sees as others just stroll right by it all.  But I will say that some of us saw deer that she missed because she was back behind our crowd.  We don't usually see deer too often or very long with our noisy bunch. :)

We came home and practiced a little more music and I took a good soak in the tub while the others gathered up everything we would need for the next day's Celebration.  Even though we didn't stay home all day, getting out in nature can sometimes be just as relaxing and enjoyable as staying home doing nothing.  An enjoyable afternoon and evening and even got a little fellowship time in with friends.