Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Children's School Program 2015- Bovee Beach Bash

We had a fun school program this year.  Some years I am scrounging for ideas for the program last minute and others I have it all planned out months ahead.  Even though they had been studying the topic of oceanography for months, I just couldn't figure out what the program should include.  The children (mostly the girls) sat down with me and we figured out something that would both educational and entertaining for our guests.  They did a fabulous job, and as they are getting older, I'm learning that they can do much of the planning on their own.  They also helped with figuring out the menu and labeling the foods.  My children are growing up!

We called this The Bovee Beach Bash and learned about and sang about all things ocean related.  Enjoy!

Onto the program.....

 Benaiah started out the program with his report on the Ocean Food Chain.  They each had a visual aid that they passed around for the guests to look at during their report.  Benaiah's didn't get passed around or someone might have lost an arm.  :)

They sang a song called There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.

 Josiah read his report on Narwhals.

 He played the piano.

 Diella read her report on Whale Sharks

 They all sang Place in the Choir.

 Saphira wanted to do a report on Dolphins.  Once she got up there, she got super bashful and ....

 clung to her dad's leg all the way back to his seat.  :)

 Alegra read her report on Sea Turtles.

 She played a lovely piece on the piano called Exploring the Seaside.

Then they each quoted a few verses of Scripture that had to do with oceans, water, or fish.  
We didn't want to let the program go without making sure that we honored the One who created all of the oceans and its creatures.  So, they then sang 3 songs about His creation or songs that included oceans in it that would bring Him honor.  

 Psalm 24 by Sons of Korah

The girls did Oceans by Hillsong United.

They did a group song called Drops in the Ocean by Hawk Nelson. 

I was so glad to have the children's help with not only preparing the food but also being creative in having foods that we could associate with our ocean or beach theme.

My parents always enjoy bringing something along that goes with our theme that the children can enjoy after the party is over.  They printed off this cool shark and nailed it to a board so it would stand up.  They also brought along the neat fish balloons that they tied to the board on the back.  It made for a great background for our pudding and drink table.

 The children made these adorable jelly fish for one of their art projects.  They are so cute, I'm keeping them up for a bit.  :)

 The art table was filled with all of their projects and creative ideas.

 Every year we do a family painting where we include a picture of all of us in it.  This year it was obvious to do a beach/ocean pictures.  It turned out great and everyone participated this year.  Even Saphira helped.  She was the first one to paint the background color that way most of her's would be covered up.  :)  Benaiah colored the sand and we even added some real sand from Florida that we borught back with us from vacation.  The other 3 children did the sky and clouds and ocean water.  Was very pleased with how they all did!  It will be on the wall soon. 

At the end of the program we always take pictures of the children with each of their guests.  It's fun to see how the pictures change from year to year.  Thank you to all who were able to make it to the program and share in this special day with the children.
 Sharon, our neighbor from the Sturgis house.

 Grandpa Ron and Grandma Linda (Jonathon's mom)

 Mike and Kathy Troyer (family friends since I was a little girl and Alegra and Josiah's piano teacher)

 Grandpa Dan and Grandma Deborah (Christi's parents)

Let the silliness resume.....

 Miranda (Jonathon's sister)


 And my one, big, happy, beautiful, and amazing family!

 What is he doing?

 It's a good thing our children don't take after him.  :)

I believe the program was another success and the children are improving on their presentation skills since the very first program we ever did way back in the beginning of their schooling days.  Not sure how the ideas started, but I sure am glad that we have these memories with a small handfull of people that join us every year.  We did miss our good friends, the Brothers this year, but I have a feeling they won't let the children get away with not giving them a special showing.  :)

Next year's studies will be on Human Anatomy.  Jonathon voted for them studying islands, so we could take another trip for their extended study of the topic.  He'll do anything to get out of here during the winter.  :)  We'll see how the program turns out next year.  It should be filled with "heart" warming moments.  ;)