Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Ball 2015- Our first Family Ball

We were invited to our first ever Ball.  We've been preparing for weeks with what we were going to wear, how we would fix our hair, and practice some dances to know what we were doing.  It was all so much fun and nerve rattling for my children as they weren't real sure about dancing with people they didn't know.  It turned out to be so lovely and nothing like any of them thought it would.  
We were hoping that Josiah would be brave enough to be a gentleman and ask other girls for a dance, but alas, he only asked his sisters and sat out for most of the dances.  Diella also was quite nervous about it all and denied a couple dances to other boys, but made sure she danced with her dad and Josiah.  Alegra did great, accepting every dance that was offered to her and had a smile or giggled through most of the evening with delight.  Benaiah, well, if you know Benaiah, you know that he didn't have one bit of problem getting a girl to accept his dance offer.  He was bummed when they started a dance without him finding a partner.  Saphira sat with me most of the time except when she danced in her papa's arms and with another young lady friend who loves her dearly.  Jonathon started out dancing with our girls, then as I was being quite comfortable on the sidelines or taking someone potty, he found another young girl left to herself and continued on with the dance party.    

There was a lot of hair to get ready.  I worked at getting the boys' hair cut while my mom was kind enough to come help the girls with their's.  Diella chose a lovely bun with curls all the way around it.  They both chose what they wanted, and we did our best at accomplishing it.  Not too bad for non hair doers.  :)  

She also had a pretty salmon colored flower stuck in her's.

Alegra chose a harder style.  My mom and I both worked at it, but I mostly stood in the kitchen and snacked.  :)   

 It turned out very pretty and grown up looking.  Not sure where my little girls went, but when we fancy them all up they sure grow up right before our eyes.  Guess it's why we aren't big into the trends of clothing, makeup and hair with our girls.  A once in awhile occassion is one thing, but not all the time.  

Guess there aren't any pictures of my hair style.  I picked one that might cover up my gray hair more, but I think it only highlighted them.  :)  It was very pretty anyways and made me feel like something out of a movie.  
 My little family all fancied up for some fun!

This wasn't a typical dance.  Actually, it wasn't a dance at all.  It was a Ball, so there were certain guidelines that both the young men and ladies had to abide by.  There were certain ways of asking for a dance and certain ways of declining or accepting.  When a particular dance was over, all couples went back to the middle of the floor to switch partners.  A lady called out all the dances and went through all the steps so everyone knew what they were to be doing.  Some dances the group got in one big circle and others they were in groups of 4-8.  I would have enjoyed the dancing but for a first timer, I really enjoyed watching how it all went together and how everyone switched partners for certain dances or how they made all the movements work with so many people.  I think we all thought it would be a pair up and that's who you dance with, but it wasn't like that at all.   
 The first song Jonathon asked Diella and Josiah asked Alegra.

 Not sure which song this was, but poor Benaiah had a hard time going the right direction and ending up with his partner, Alegra.  Everyone was so kind to be patient with him and help him along with each dance.  I think Jonathon might have had more fun than the children did.  :)

 This dance was a very tricky one with lots of different steps and movements.  The group that Alegra and Jonathon were in didn't quite move fast enough to keep up with the music.  There were a  lot of laughs throughout it though, which is the point of it all.

 Benaiah asked our good friend, Kam for this dance.  She was so good, as were all the ladies in the group, to help him through it.  He had such a great time dancing!

The final dance, Alegra was asked by Mr. Olson to dance.  Diella caught their, or should I say "his", ending pose perfectly.  I'm sure Alegra was filled with laughter by this.  :D

It was a late night, but was filled with many laughs, joys, and memories.  I'm pretty sure the vote was unanimous that all had a wonderful time, and it was better than they had expected.  I was glad to get home and lay down in my bed. :)